Happy 60th Birthday to the State of Israel - the First Flowering of Our Redemption

The elusiveness of peace should not deter us from joy at this moment in the history of Israel. The USA will be 232 years old this summer and we are still at war. It is the human condition.


Israel at 60: A remarkable story

Though many basic questions about Israel's character remain unanswered 60 years after the state's founding, its successes and quasi-normalcy in the face of relentless challenges make Israel at 60 a remarkable story. More »

Peres: We've seen worse times

In an interview with JTA, Israeli President Shimon Peres talks about Israel being a center for global innovation, particularly on the environment, and says Israel has seen worse threats than those it faces today. More »

Israelis ambivalent at 60th celebrations

Israelis are conflicted about the country's celebration of its 60th birthday, with many using it as an opportunity to talk about what's wrong with the country rather than what is right. More »

Anti-Israel Zionism?

Still hurting from the dismantling of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and worried about Israel ceding the West Bank in a future peace deal, a few disaffected religious Zionists are turning against the Israeli state. More »

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