Forbes: Greenberg to Jews - China Good!

If I recall correctly, a good deal of Hank Greenberg's wealth stems from the businesses he built up for AIG in China.

Businessweek reported for instance,
Long Yongtu, the chief negotiator for China's entry into the WTO -- is quick to note that "Mr. Greenberg is the most famous U.S. business leader in this country. Perhaps most important, he is a long-standing friend of the Chinese people."
That he does not mention that aspect of his biography in his Forbes Op-Ed article, detracts from the authority of Greenberg's opinion that we should not boycott the Olympics and that Jews should not call for such a boycott.

Anyway, I agree with MRG on this issue.
Jews: Don't Boycott The Olympics!
Maurice R. ''Hank'' Greenberg

I am angered by the ill-advised suggestion by the group of rabbis and other Jewish leaders who have said that the U.S. should boycott the Olympic Games in China. The idea that the Tibet issues in China have any similarity to the Nazi Holocaust demonstrates an appalling misunderstanding of history....more

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