Columbia Dean Coatsworth: "Sure I would have invited Hitler to Speak."

It's in the ABC News interview video but not in the printed story.

This guy has been fully appointed on April 29, 2008. He is no longer acting dean.

Columbia Dean Coatsworth is one sick puppy.

Of course when I hear an academic espouse admiration for Hitler I immediately assume he has a Harvard connection. Harvard invited the nazis onto campus from their ships out in the harbor prior to the war.

Here is what his bio at SIPA has to say about his Harvard connection:
At Harvard, he served as the founding director of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies from its creation in 1994 until 2006. He also chaired the Harvard University Committee on Human Rights Studies.
Aha. Suspicions confirmed. This buddy is new to Columbia, fresh from Harvard.

What a disgrace.

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