Bill Gates Waxes Nostalgic for Windows 95 and Confesses His Love for SharePoint

I recall Bill Gates coming out on stage at the NYC launch event for Windows XP. I was sitting in the first row and was just shocked to see Bill (bechvodo uveatzmo). He said nothing about XP and spoke on and on about SharePoint. So I took the trial disk back to SunGard Trading Systems and installed it on a server and made it the basis for the company intranet. And I still believe that SharePoint is a great group ware platform. But most companies can't handle the truth of group ware.

And I remember with equally warm nostalgia sitting on the floor all night struggling to install and configure Windows 95, looking all over for drivers and on and on.

So here is what's on Slashdot, Bill Gates: Windows 95 Was 'A High Point' -
Bob Jacobsen writes "CBSnews.com has an article about Bill Gates and Steve Balmer answering questions at the "All Things Digital" conference. When asked about "high points" in his time at Microsoft, Gates replied "Windows 95 was a nice milestone". The article continues "He also spoke highly of Microsoft SharePoint Server software, but didn't mention Vista." Was there really nothing else that Gates considered a high point?"

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John D. Enright said...

Hate to burst your bubble, Rabbi! (Just kidding. I'm actually happy to do so in this instance!) Imagine . . . a large crowd gathered in serene brotherhood, and out walks . . . Linus Torvalds . . . anticipation rises . . . in a small, shy voice, the Master says "Microsoft sucks" . . . The crowd swoons and begins to awaken, then stir, then stand . . . Slowly and tentative at first, the crowd chants "linux, linux, linux" . . . Louder . . . Louder yet . . . "LINUX, LINUX, LINUX . . ."

Get the picture?