The End of Right Wing Shouting Know Nothing Talk Radio

Chris Matthews (our hero) on his Hardball show on MSNBC made mincemeat of Kevin James tonight.

Read about it nearly immediately in the Kevin James' Wikipedia article - ain't that neat?

I believe this marks the beginning of the end of Right Wing Shouting Know Nothing Talk Radio.


Anonymous said...

A Hardball epic . . .

Message to Chris Matthews: when ripping a guest for his lack of historical knowledge, try to avoid making a history mistake of your own in the same segment.

It happened on this afternoon's Hardball. After lambasting a guest for not knowing his Neville Chamberlain history, Matthews surmised that the attack on the USS Cole in October, 2000 happened under . . . President Bush.

VIDEO: http://newsbusters.org/static/

Tzvee Zahavy said...

It is the end end end of RW talk radio - no matter how hard you wish and how tight you close your eyes

John D. Enright said...

Hardly the end of conservative media. See Cable News Ratings for Wednesday, May 14. The Arbitron ratings of conservative talk radio do equally as well. Contrast that with Air America, CNN and MSNBC, all three of which are jokes.

As for Matthews, you're praising a guy who had to resort to a classic "straw man" argument to win his point. Notice that he didn't say that Chamberlain did not appease Hitler; he only said James didn't know the underlying facts.

Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Murphy, a Democrat from Bucks County, was on the receiving end of similar treatment from Matthews, although it wasn't presented as a "straw man" argument to make a point. As an Iraq War vet running against an incumbent Republican, Murphy was asked if he would have voted for or against the war. Murphy said it was a tough call, and couldn't say. Matthews said "You shouldn't run for Congress if you can't say."

Anonymous said...

and yet embarassing doofus mark green continues to succeed in making himself irrelevant even when he doesnt need to be

Anonymous said...

I once heard my father expressing much the same opinion of one of the more well-known RW talk-show hosts; that he is an idiot who has no idea what he is talking about. I then made the point that although you might believe, or even be pretty sure, that the RW is wrong on economic, enviromental, and other issues; you are not 100% sure of your position. There is one issue, however, where you KNOW what the right position is, and on that issue the RW have it right and the LW is largely wrong. My father admitted that I had a point. That isuue, of course, is the Israeli-Arab conflict.