Interview with the webmaestro, yours truly

I'm interviewed for the cover story of this week's The Jewish Standard - Cover Story: "The blogosphere: A reader's guide".

As usual, they put out a great issue -- this week with three features on the Jewish blogosphere: my interview, and articles by Rachel Silverman and Sue Fishkoff from the JTA.


Menachem Butler said...

How come no mention of OnTheMainLine, Hirhurim, or AJHistory, three blogs which you definitely read as you often contribute comments?!?

Gil Student said...

No, that's Anon Academic who reads it and comments. We have no idea who that could be.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Thanks for visiting.

Menachem Butler said...

Does Tzvee then not visit those other blogs?

Tzvee Zahavy said...

By all the qualifications at the top of your page, you take yourself out of realm of an ordinary blog. In the interview I was only talking about ordinary blogs. You Gil, and your blog are so special that I would not want to insult you by mentioning you together with any of those others. I trust that you understand.

You are special too. I know you understand.