I'll stand together with 73% of Israeli Jews - proud of the government and the IDF

Olmert under fire over cease-fire Jerusalem Post

The JP is not known for its love of EO. And yet buried deep in this story is one clear fact of the matter:

A Dahaf Institute poll in Yediot Aharonot found, however, that only 17% of Israelis, including just 13% of Israeli Jews believed that Israel would lose the war, while 37% of Israelis and 40% of Israeli Jews believed Israel would win. The poll reported that 66% of Israelis and 73% of Israeli Jews approved of Olmert's management of the war.
And I must say that JP writers like Caroline Glick -- she must be on the Hezbollah payroll to publish a rant that calls this war, "An unmitigated disaster."


Jeffrey R. Woolf said...

I think you're way off base here. Dahaf is run by Mina Tzemah, who is a semi-official Olmert employee (who is known to cook her statistics). If you want to see where things really stand, see Ari Shavit's articles in Haaretz. this war, because it was prosecuted with an eye to the world's opinion, is a victory for Islamofascism and an inspiration to further attack Israel. Don't believe me, read Bernard Lewis.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

The Islamofascists don't derive their inspiration from Israel. That's a self-centered Israeli taxi driver POV. Stop reading Bernard Lewis and try some reading real scholarship. They have there own native inspiration for their version of cultures of violence.

Anonymous said...

What would YOU want to see done if a terrorist kept bombing your town and he kidnapped two of your sons?