Video: Goodbye Joe Lieberman

I like Joe Lieberman. He's a democrat. I'm a democrat. He's an Orthodox Jew. I'm an Orthodox Jew. Wow those are strong correlations in my book.

So why would I not vote for him if I lived in the state of Conn.? He supports Bush's war in Iraq and I don't.

But there is one more thing. He has no sense of humor and I do. Ned Lamont came on -- but JL refused to appear on the comedy show, the Colbert Report, as you will see.

Note please: Colbert is ignorant of Jewish practice. Jews do not set an empty chair at the Passover Seder for Elijah. Some Jews used to set an empty chair for Soviet Jews back in the 70's. But hey, Colbert does not claim to be an expert on Judaism. He's just a great parody act of Bill O'Reilly -- the neanderthal host of a Fox TV News show.

Here is the video.


Ronnie Schreiber said...


At which point will the Jew hatred and Israel bashing on the left get your attention?

The lefty blogs don't want to even touch the Israel/Hezb-allah war because they know it will bring the Jew haters in their midst out in the open, and with midterm elections in November, that isn't good for Democratic fundraising.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

i'll take the hidden hate of the left over the facism of the right