TIME.com: Thoroughly Modern Mikvahs

Complete with a photo spread - looks like five star accomodations for ritual immersions have arrived.

TIME.com: Thoroughly Modern Mikvahs: ...Cohen agrees. Having submerged three times while intoning a short prayer, she returned to the prep room in a fluffy white robe, droplets still on her cheeks. 'I'm looking forward to seeing my husband,' she said. But on the other hand, she laughed, 'It's such a pleasure to hang out here. Who would want to go home?'

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Anonymous said...

In M.berakot 34 it's spoken of r. zakkai,gamaliel the elder and ben
dosa ,I wish to know which are the philological and textual highlights
that make it dated to the 1st century;r. ben dosa considered to be
lived between 40-50 a.c. and 70-90 a.c.,why?

Which are other talmudic hilological and textual highlights of the 1st century?