No Rev. Hagee, Non-Jews are "going straight to hell with a non-stop ticket"

About the time I recently reviewed David Brog's book about Christian Zionists, Mr. Brog went to work for Rev. Hagee. Now the media is abuzz because of something Hagee preached last Sunday. It's not that he said certain things about non-Christians. It's that the Texas Governor was in the Church and when asked later he would not disavow anything the Rev. said. (See the story from UPI below.)

So now I've emailed David and asked him about the quote, "going straight to hell with a non-stop ticket"? David replied to me that Hagee has been mistreated. He was talking in church to his followers and reminding them about a belief that is at the bedrock of the church, that they must find Jesus or find hell.

I'm still bothered by this bedrock teaching.

What troubles me is the "non-stop ticket" part of the statement. I'm confused about how we non-Christians get our tickets to hell. Xpedia.com? And how does Hagee know that the trips will be "non-stop"? Maybe we get to stop in purgatory or at least in limbo. Perhaps Chubby Checker is there in limbo singing his hit song, "Jack be limbo, Jack be quick. Jack go unda limbo stick." I like that song.

But I guess I'll have to go non-stop to hell then because Hagee says it is so.

I liked Hagee. He raises money for Israel and supports Zionism. He also provides Internet services that protect you from porn, http://www.jhmonline.com/, John Hagee Online. He seems to be an all around okay guy.

Why then this dumb remark that we Jews are, "going straight to hell with a non-stop ticket"?
Texas governor's religious remarks slammed
Nov. 6, 2006 at 11:29AM

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has drawn criticism from rival candidates for saying he agrees non-Christians are condemned to spend eternity in hell.

Perry was among some 60 mostly Republican candidates for Tuesday's midterm election attending a Sunday service at San Antonio's Cornerstone Church, where pastor John Hagee said in his sermon non-Christians were "going straight to hell with a non-stop ticket," The Dallas Morning News reported.

Afterward, Perry told reporters there was nothing in the sermon he could disagree with, prompting quick condemnations from opponents.

"He doesn't think very differently from the Taliban, does he?" said independent candidate Kinky Friedman. "Being obsessed with who's going to heaven and who's going to hell is kind of a pathetic waste of time."

Democrat Chris Bell said a state leader should have been more cautious in his remarks.

"God is the only one who can make the decision as to who gets into the kingdom of heaven," Bell said.


Anonymous said...

Haggee is correct. Maybe he "dressed up" the message a bit but he is correct, all non-Christians will go to hell, including Jews. Now, for the time being Jews are blinded to the Truth but there will be a revealing when this blindness (like the rest of the world already) will be lifted. God's plan is seperate and different for the Jews but, in the end, we all end up with the same decision.

Eikinkloster said...

Haggee is incorrect. All idolaters will go to Hell, including Muslims and Christians, because neither group worships the God of Israel, but idols loosely based on Him.