Let's compare how fundamentalist Jews and Goyim will protect us from the Internet

Fundamentalist Christian Internet filtering services promise to protect their users and to block web sites that contain such bad things like:

Pornography, Recreational nudity, Sexually explicit language, Criminal activity, Hate speech, Drug promotion, Illegal weapons construction/modification/sales, and Crime instructions.

The Fundamentalist Jewish Agudath Israel organization next week at their convention will discuss what to do for protection from the bad things on the Internet like the following:

"Internet 'blogs' where misguided individuals feel free to spread every bit of rechilus (gossip) and loshon hora (slander) about rabbonim and roshei yeshiva (rabbinic leaders), all with the intended effect of undermining any semblance of Torah authority in our community. It is most appropriate for an organization like Agudath Israel, whose very essence was built on the recognition of the authority of Torah leaders, to address this issue head on, and formulate concrete plans to reinvigorate public awareness of this essential element of the Torah way of life."

I for one am so glad these rabbis are acting to protect ... themselves ... from dangerous bloggers.

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