NY Times: We have no clue why Christians are Zionists

The Times started a series of articles on the Christian Zionists. We covered this for the Jewish Standard several months ago -- in a review of David Brog's book and two accompanying interviews -- and so far we did a lot better job of analyzing the phenomenon. We tried to explain the theology and religious motives of these folks.

So far the Times does not give a clue. It's quite a mixed up article, jumping around from Hagee to Dobson to Eckstein and not really telling us much at all. In short, they have no idea why Christians are Zionists. Here is the start of the disappointing article:

For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel Is ‘God’s Foreign Policy’

WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 — As Israeli bombs fell on Lebanon for a second week last July, the Rev. John Hagee of San Antonio arrived in Washington with 3,500 evangelicals for the first annual conference of his newly founded organization, Christians United For Israel.

At a dinner addressed by the Israeli ambassador, a handful of Republican senators and the chairman of the Republican Party, Mr. Hagee read greetings from President Bush and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel and dispatched the crowd with a message for their representatives in Congress. Tell them “to let Israel do their job” of destroying the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah, Mr. Hagee said.

He called the conflict “a battle between good and evil” and said support for Israel was “God’s foreign policy.”

The next day he took the same message to the White House.

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