Can You Read a Book on the Sabbath?

Centuries ago, when the codex first came out and began to replace scrolls, it took the rabbis years before they permitted Jews to use a codex on the Sabbath. The Torah is still read in 2012 in the synagogue from a scroll.

So too with the Kindle.

And this reminds us of a funny Norwegian video, a call to the medieval monastic codex help desk. With the famous Talmudic objection, "Are you sure I won't lose any text?" from the show "Øystein og jeg" on Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) 2001.

Orig. post 2/07.

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Anonymous said...

Best posting of the year, by far. Much appreciated.

(I thought the "help desk" guy should've pointed out the advantage of the book. Ie, you can jump several pages at a time, unlike with a scroll.)