Anti-Women Israeli Air Force Rabbi Forced to Resign

The ideas of chain of command and military discipline were not taught at his rabbinical school: "A top Israeli military rabbi resigned on Tuesday after making comments that appeared to condone allowing ultra-Orthodox troops to avoid contact with women..."

Reuter's FaithWorld reported that,
Lieutenant-Colonel Moshe Ravad, chief air force chaplain, who was in charge of enlisting ultra-Orthodox Jews, said last week he feared for the volunteers’ “piety”. His comments, leaked to the media, were widely interpreted as a rejection of the orders requiring soldiers to attend mixed-sex events.

In an online newsletter, the military said Ravad “apologised for the way in which his view was made public in recent days” and tendered his early resignation to the air force commander, who reprimanded the rabbi for his conduct.
Looks like the rabbi did not get the memo that explains modern rigorous military regulations supersede ancient anti-female Talmudic customs.

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