Grand Street News: Restoring the Stanton Street Synagogue

A synagogue restoration project closer to home...

A Synagogue Grows on Stanton
by Yori Yanover
An interview with the Stanton Street Shul’s charismatic member Jonathan Shore. Almost 100 years old, Stanton is celebrating the renovation of its study hall and the kaleidoscopic variety of its membership. ...more

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evanstonjew said...

What was not discussed in the article and was covered in earlier years in the blogs is that a lot of money has come and gone through all these machinations. The original chevra, the Bluzhiver Riminiver shul and its subsequent gilgulim had many , many sifrei torahs, plus buildings, plus cash. Much has disappeared and nothing in this story's background is at it appears. Benny Sauerhaft, Shelly Silver are all well intentioned people, though they certainly know a lot more than they let on. What happened to the money? There is a great story here for an investigative reporter.