Up in the sky... it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the new ASUS PC EEE - what is it?

I got one. The new ASUS PC EEE. It is not a regular notebook or laptop. It is not a sub-notebook or mini-notebook. It is not a PDA. It is sui generis - a new species very cool has evolved.

Yes it looks a lot like a notebook computer - it opens like one, has a keyboard and screen like one. But it differs. First it runs Linux, not Windows. Second it has no hard disk, just flash memory.

Yes it is reasonably price at $399. It is white, under two pounds and smaller than a trade paperback book.

I'll be giving you a report on the usability of this puppy within a week. I hope to use it at meetings and everywhere that I can. Like a new car it takes about 50 miles until you get used to the handling. The keyboard and screen are a bit cramped at first. We'll see how that plays out - and by the way I'm writing on it now.

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