Wow Who Would Believe I'd Praise a Palm Centro Phone from Sprint?

This phone is superb.

I was tired of my Sprint Samsung a900 blade phone. I called Sprint retention and told them I want to cancel. They offered me this smart phone - the Palm Centro - to stay with Sprint. Same plan - and Internet free for a year and 200 more minutes free for 2 years. Who could say no?

How long ago was it that I had a Palm Pilot? I lost track. And back then I said - all would be wonderful if they could attach a phone!

They attached a great phone. It has the tiniest chicklet keys - but it is a full qwerty keypad. And it has this wonderful gmail client. And it has Sprint TV - live! And a nice camera/camcorder and Google maps and a browser...

The tiny screen is high resolution, they say 320x320, but I say more like a miniature 1280×1024.

It is a marvel. Go get one.

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