An Awful Arab Report on Sharon's Coma

Here is the report and the comments from the alarabiya site. They speak for themselves.
Rabbis highlight his "undecided fate"
Jews see Sharon’s coma as 'punishment': poll

DUBAI (AlArabiya.net)

An Israeli poll conducted by an independent institution has showed that most Jews see the deteriorating health condition of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a "punishment from God" for his decision to withdraw from Gaza and dismantle Jewish settlements there.

The poll, executed by Motagem institution at the request of extremist religious Israel Relief movement, showed 58% of Jewish fanatics answering "yes' to the poll’s main question: "Do you believe that Sharon's worsening condition is caused by pulling 8,000 settlers out of Gaza in the summer of 2005?"

But a vast majority of 73% answered "No" when the same question was directed to another sample of citizens comprising committed and non-committed Jews. 27% of the same sample agreed. The poll was conducted among 504 Jews, with 4.5% margin of error, according to a report by Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar.

A rabbi, who is a also member of Israel Relief, said:" Sharon's destiny is undecided; he is neither here with us on earth nor in heaven, he clearly is not wanted in both places."

Sharon has been in a coma since Jan. 4, 2005, after suffering a massive stroke.


1 - Perhaps just an error
Chisda [ Tuesday, January 01, 2008 ]

In this article the author first says that "most Jews...," when in fact, as the article states, only 27% see Sharon's condition as a result of his unilateral withdrawal. Most Jews do not believe this, rather the 27% that do believe it are mostly a result of the large orthodox community in Israel. While the difference may seem small, that type of misinterpretation often fuels the rhetoric of militant organization's that attempt to generalize Israelis, and Jews.

2 - Misleading article
Yves Leibig [ Wednesday, January 02, 2008 ]

I agree with comments made by Chisda (Jan 01 08) I would also like to bring attention to the misleading Title.. "Jews see Sharon’s coma as 'punishment'...." It is misleading by omission. It omits 2 adjectives "israeli" and " Orthodox" before the word "jews" in doing so, it make it sound that All jews, worldwide, are included in the statement... Not all jews live in Israel, not all jews are orthodox, let alone zionists or fundamentalist fanatics. Stereotyping of any sort only fuel mistrust and misunderstanding and the curse of good journalism.

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