USA Today: Dini's Kosher Restaurant 蒂妮犹太餐厅 Opens in Beijing China

Revolutionary news from China. When I was in Beijing back in 1991, we schlepped around our own boxes of matza and jars of gefilte fish.

Now you can eat out at Dini's. Try it out at:
32 Tianze Lu, Jiangtai Xiang
20m east of Grape restaurant
6461-3735 (fax)
Open 11am-2pm; 6pm-10pm
Price Y300-Y399 per couple
Beijing Olympics going Kosher with food safety issues driving a mini-boom
By Stephen Wade, AP Sports Writer

BEIJING — Beijing and the Olympics are going Kosher.

The capital's only Kosher restaurant opened 10 months ago, drawing the small Jewish expatriate community, tourists, curious Chinese and even a few Muslims. Business has been so good at Dini's Kosher Restaurant, that part-owner Lewis Sperber is talking about setting up a second branch closer to the Olympic venues in northern Beijing.

Like many restaurateurs and bar owners, Sperber is hoping to benefit with as many as 550,000 foreigners expected to descend on Beijing for the Aug. 8-24 Games.

"What we've thought about is preparing sandwiches and other items at a venue closer than we are now to the Olympic sites," Sperber said. "If people leave the Olympics and want a Kosher meal, we could have a place for them."

Eating Kosher - food that meets Jewish dietary laws - is hardly a raging fad. However, there is a real boom is the number of Chinese factories being certified to export Kosher products. This is driven partially by recent food safety scares in China involving contaminated seafood, pet food and toothpaste....

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