Haaretz: More Proof that Religion Makes You Stupid

First you place your political trust in a mystical venture called prayer. Then you suddenly believe that if you pray on a certain small mount it has some extra diplomatic power. This is not religion. It is stupidity. Hence, a certain kind of religion makes you stupid. QED.

Turning now to the authorities, How do you stop people from praying? "OK you can go up there, but no praying, you hear me?" Of course a certain kind of police work can make you stupid too.
Police gear up to stop rabbis from praying on Temple Mount
By Nadav Shragai

Jerusalem police are preparing to prevent religious Zionist and settler rabbis from holding prayers on the Temple Mount this morning.

The rabbis used posters to exhort supporters to pray at the mount "for the annulment of the wicked plans for the division of Jerusalem and the surrender and abandonment of the Temple Mount to the hands of foreigners and adversaries."

The planned protest comes shortly after Public Security Minister Avi Dichter made it clear that Jews are not allowed to pray in any overt manner on the Temple Mount, even including merely moving their lips in prayer.

The rabbis are expected to be allowed entry to the Temple Mount as long as they do not pray there.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have any negative things to say to the *Arabs* who are not allowing the Jews to pray at the Temple Mount, or are your negative statements reserved for Jews only?