Is Pilot Chesley Sullenberger III Jewish?

We don't know, but we don't think that Pilot Chesley Sullenberger III is a Jew.

We don't think it matters what church he attends.

Whatever his religion, he is a true modern hero for landing a plane in distress today in the Hudson River and saving 155 lives.

Truly we give thanks that the hand of God guided his brave actions.

I cried when I saw live TV shots of the passengers standing on the wings of the plane in the river.

I knew I was a witness to a miracle.
(repost from 1-15-09)


Unknown said...

No, Sully is not jewish. We both flew for PSA. (acquired by USAir, now US Airways in 1988) Grear guy, obviously a skilled aviator.

Mike Bluestein

Anonymous said...

Rest assured there are more "Sullys" than "Bernies"

Anonymous said...

If you are going to give "God" credit for "guiding" Sully's actions, you are going to have to BLAME "God" for "guiding" the birds' actions.

Grow up. There is absolutely no evidence of any "God" who guides anything, intervenes in anything, who listens to anything, who answers any prayers.

It wouldn't surprise me if Sully is
an atheist/agnostic/humanist, although he might have been raised Catholic/Christian, but I guess we'll find out soon. Any idea, Mike?

Satan Himself (atheist non-Zionist Jew)

Nadjib said...

between life and death there is only a fragile thread

Richard said...

You were not a witness to a miracle but rather to vast experience, great skill, and superb flying ability. The only miracle is that Chesley Sullenberger decided to stay with the airlines despite cutbacks in salary, pension benefits, and job security.