Our Writing and Publishing Activities Have Cut Into Our Blogging Efforts

We are working on five book publications - four of our own and one, helping our number one son with final details of his own soon to be announced and published book.

We are still in the phase of writing our highly original opus on prayer, every day, morning, afternoon and evening, while sitting at home, while traveling, when we rise in the morning and before we retire at night. Our writing aligns with our teaching at JTS. Our students are amazing - shh, don't tell them.

We received our Crumb Genesis and we like it! Been reading it on and off all night. Especially like one phrase in his introduction where he says about his veneration for the text, "I believe it is the words of men. It is, nonetheless, a powerful text with layers of meaning that reach deep into our collective consciousness, our historical consciousness, if you will... " Honest and simple words. The kind of reflection that comes before and after a few years of hard work.

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