Is Jon Gosselin Jewish?

Jon Gosselin says he is half Jew and half Korean, according to one online article. Wikipedia does not corroborate this saying, "Gosselin was born and raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania to a father of French and Welsh descent and a Korean mother."
Jon Gosselin Wants to Find Religion
Justin Carbone

Gosselin to find inner self

Everyone’s favorite reality star Jon Gosselin is at it again. This time, it’s to turn a new leaf and find himself some inner spiritual guidance.

Gosselin, the father of 8 and former star of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 claims that the excess of fame have gone to his head, and that he needs to center himself and find his inner being.

He says that he is half Korean and half Jewish and that its time for him to come to terms with his behavior of the past few months.

“I am well aware that my behavior over the past few months has not always reflected my personal and religious values. I further accept that I have allowed myself to become somewhat severed from my own moral anchor and be carried away by the challenges of fame,” he told USMagazine.com. ...

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Unknown said...

Gosselin is not Jewish. Dating a Jew and coming over for a holiday meal doesn't make you any more a Jew than drinking a Shamrock Shake makes me a leprechaun. The only thing that'll make him Jewish is to have an orthodox conversion and let's face it, that's so not happening with this idiot.