Bergen Record's Kosher News Galore Today - Pasta, Gefilte Fish and Libyans

The Bergen Record has become our local kosher newspaper with these two fascinating features today.

A Kosher Reboot in Teaneck covers the reopening of the Pasta Factory in Teaneck as a fancy fleishig restaurant with a liquor license.

Gefilte fish right to your doorstep praises the local businessman who has taken over kosher.com - and transformed it into a full service kosher food delivery business.

And in related news, the Record covers the rabbi who wants to sue Gaddafi and the Libyans for taking down his trees and fence.

The editorial comes out strongly for blocking the leader from visiting Englewood. By doing that heroic act - preventing the dictator from setting foot on the holy grounds of Bergen County - we suppose - the world will be a much safer place - or something will have been proven. We haven't yet got that part of the story straight.

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