What are the Astronomical Odds of Seeing at a Mets Game Both an Inside the Park Home Run and an Unassisted Triple Play?

We can tell you that the odds of seeing at any baseball game both an inside the park home run and an unassisted triple play are astronomical.

We did just that today at CitiField. See the video.

Newsday called the game wacky, which it was as this description partially explains,
Angel Pagan had two homers, one inside-the-park, another wacky play on which Phillies centerfielder Shane Victorino pleaded for the umpires to rule the ball out of play although it was barely wedged under the wall padding, allowing Pagan to circle the bases in the first.
Finally, we heartily recommend the less wacky and mostly tasty glatt kosher pastrami hot dog ($7.25).

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