msnbc: Bradley Beach NJ Bans Cigarette Smoking on the Beach and Boardwalk

Smoking cigarettes makes you - and the people around you  - sick - even if you are outdoors.

Thank you Bradley Beach for taking this step towards eliminating all cigarette smoking from our state.

If you smoke cigarettes - you are killing yourself and your loved ones - please quit today.
Jersey Town Bans Smoking on Beach, Boardwalk, Sidewalk

Some towns down the Jersey Shore have banned smoking on their boardwalks. Others, like Belmar, have set up smoking zones on the beach but away from most sunbathers. But little Bradley Beach is about to one-up everybody.

The mayor and town council say they will soon pass an ordinance to ban smoking on the beach, the boardwalk, in fact, all the way out to the curb of Ocean Avenue (that includes a sidewalk)...more...

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