Tours from the World Expert Jerusalem Super Guide Asher Altshul

Asher Altshul writes to us:

Dear Friends,
This Friday, October 15th,  I will begin a series of tours in Jerusalem. 
The series it titled "Jerusalem - A Modern City: The Walking Course"
The first tour will be in the Jewish Quarter and is titled "When was the real "First Aliyah": The Return to Zion"
If you or anyone you know may be interested, please contact me
Asher Y. Altshul
Tel. 972-2-673-8458
Cell. 972-52-2-323-219

Time calls our friend Asher Altshul one of the world's leading experts on the City of David.

And Jerusalem super guide Asher Altshul is quoted in a BBC story. Nice job.

BBC: Archaeology and the struggle for Jerusalem
By Katya Adler, BBC News, Jerusalem

"I like to travel and when I travel, I like to have a guide book. Here in Jerusalem, that guide book is the Tanah, the Bible."

This is how guide Asher Altshul likes to start his tours at the expansive City of David archaeological site in Jerusalem.

The site stretches along and down one of Jerusalem's hills, just outside the Old City.
Hundreds of tourists gather. Most are Jewish people from countries all over the world, like the Schneider family from Los Angeles.

The father, Avshalom, says coming here was a must...more...

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