Is Christine O’Donnell Jewish?

No, Christine O’Donnell is not a Jew, she hasn't even dabbled in Judaism. But the Tea Party candidate for Senate has dabbled in a lot of other things.

According to Reuters FaithWorld. "Tea Party candidate says “I’m not a witch”":
Christine O’Donnell, the Republican Senate candidate for Delaware and a poster girl for the conservative Tea Party movement, launched a new campaign ad on Tuesday with an unsual political admission, stating: “I’m not a witch“.

O’Donnell spoke of “dabbling” in witchcraft over a decade ago in Bill Maher’s show Politically Incorrect and the liberal comedian has been airing clips of her appearances from back then on his current program Real Time with Bill Maher.

In the clip he ran last Friday, she said she had dabbled in several religions but her love of meatballs and Italian food put her off Hare Krishna.

“I was dabbling into every other kind of religion before I became a Christian,” O’Donnell said on Politically Incorrect in 1999.

“I dabbled in witchcraft. I dabbled in Buddhism. I would have become a Hare Krishna but I didn’t want to become a vegetarian. And that is honestly the reason why because I am Italian and I love meatballs,” she said.

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