Did the United Arab Emirates Kill Swimmer Fran Crippen?

It's wrong to conduct a competitive swimming event in water that is too hot to be safe.

We swim every day. We know that hot water -- above 83 degrees -- is uncomfortable for lap swimming. Water near 90 degrees is unsafe for a swim race. Period. Everyone knows that.

So why conduct a race in such dangerous conditions? It's unprofessional, unsafe, and unfortunately, in this case, it was lethal.
Swimming in warm water can take deadly toll on body
By Madison Park and Ashley Fantz, CNN

(CNN) -- Competing outdoors in almost 90-degree water is like racing inside a hot tub, swim experts said Monday.

Merely sitting in a tub saps energy, said extreme swimmer Diana Nyad. "When you get out, you're feeling light-headed and very thirsty. ... Imagine now, you're going to crank your entire body, and swimming uses the entire body."

U.S. swimmer Fran Crippen died during a 10-kilometer marathon Saturday in the United Arab Emirates. Several of the athletes complained about the water temperature...more...
So we ask, Did the United Arab Emirates Kill Swimmer Fran Crippen? Should they have canceled the race due to the unsafe heat?

Yes, they should have.

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