Orthodox Jews Declare War on Israel

Unbelievable that Orthodox Jews present one of the greatest threats to the viable future of the State of Israel.

Not only are the Orthodox in Israel (and we reject the term Ultra - all Orthodox - indeed all Jews - are responsible for one another's actions - Pirkei Avot) unreasonably antagonistic towards the secular Israelis who provide the infrastructure for their very existence....

No, this story is so bizarre, these Orthodox are protesting because a ruling has required them to integrate with Sephardic Orthodox Jews.

Faithworld reports: "Ultra-Orthodox protest against Israeli ruling to integrate Jewish schools."

These 10,000 + Orthodox protesters obviously have never had exposure to team sports in high school. They do not know how to play nicely with the other children.

Their refusal to learn the basic civics of a democracy in our view is a declaration of war on the State of Israel. [Hat tip, indirectly to Henry]

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Richard said...

This is the same old story rehashed in a different form. Let us not forget that Israel was fought for and founded by Zionists - most of whom where secular and/or socialists. It was opposed since its inception by many Orthodox Jews who felt that the diaspora was a God given ordeal that could not be changed by mere mortal Jews taking matters into their own hands.

I must confess, this new racist twist on not wanting to integrate with Sephardic Jews borders on the comical, if it were not so tragic.