Should we say Kaddish for the Kindle and Nook?

Kaddish is a prayer recited for the departed in Jewish tradition.

Is it time to say Kaddish for the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook? Nook is relatively new and a nice device -- for 1999! And Kindle is older and a great invention -- if it were 1995!

Seriously, there are great advantages to both devices, especially the network connectivity and the page clarity. But both are annoying when you turn their pages. And both suffer from numerous other limitations.

Now there is a price war going on and the devices have become less expensive. Articles explaining the price reductions invariably credit the iPad for provoking the sense of urgency in the e-reader marketplace. And they should. iPad is far ahead of the readers in all ways but one. You cannot read from it in sunlight.

And you have free Kindle and B-N apps for iPad! So yes, start saying Kaddish for both items. They will die out as paid products. Pretty soon you will be getting them both for free, or nearly free.

The iPad is just so much better!

Get money back if you just bought one of the dinosaurs.

WSJ tells you how to get $70 or $60 back if you bought one in the last 30 days.

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