Review: WMWifiRouter is Simple Software that Transforms Your Phone into a WiFi Hotspot

We now have free data tethering on our Sprint Palm Pro mobile phone running on the Windows mobile operating system. How?

We downloaded the WMWifiRouter software to our phone, installed it, and in five minutes we had a hot spot from our phone over the power vision Sprint web access and connected our iPad to it.

The next day we found out that the Times had also discovered the package and included it in a review article, "Thrifty Wi-Fi That Travels With You."
Software can turn many new and older phones into hot spots, too. WMWifiRouter, from Morose Media, based in the Netherlands, works on a variety of phones. I used it on an HTC Touch Pro2, which runs the Windows Mobile operating system. The software ($19.99 at wmwifirouter.com) can be downloaded directly to the phone.
The only drawback to this arrangement is that the phone runs hot while serving as a router and the battery drains quickly. We estimate a few hours of usage is all you can expect before you need to recharge your cell battery.

And not to worry. You still get your phone calls while using your phone as a router.

We recommend giving this product a shot. At a one time cost of $19.99 and after that no monthly charges, i.e. free wifi data tethering, and with flawless installation and configuration, it's worth trying before spending $30 - $60 a month on a subscription elsewhere on one of the options described in the Times article.

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Unknown said...

There is a similar product for Windows Mobile users called "Walking Hot Spot." Indispensable.