Times: Frozen Chozen Kosher Ice Cream

Yum! Hat tip to Bernice.
In Kosher Ice Cream, a Taste of Traditional Baking

Move over Soy Vay sauces. Chozen is a new kosher ice cream with mix-ins that would make Tevye happy. Rugelach, coconut-almond macaroon and chocolate matzo are the flavors, all swirled in a fine vanilla ice cream base with no gums or stabilizers. It started as a kitchen table concoction by Ronne Fisher and her daughters, Meredith Fisher and Isabelle Krishana, as they shared memories of traditional Jewish baked goods and ate homemade rugelach straight from the freezer. Nonetheless, one bite of the coconut-almond macaroon had me happily recalling a Good Humor toasted almond ice cream pop. Chocolate babka and honey-apple are future flavors. How about hamantaschen for Purim?

Chozen Ice Cream is $4.99 a pint at Garden of Eden stores, $5.99 at Union Market stores.

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