Is Nikki Yanofsky Jewish?

Yes, Nikki Yanofsky is a Jew, according to the Jewish Tribune. She now attends St. George's School of Montreal, where she is in 10th grade.

Born February 8, 1994, she is 16, and a truly remarkable Canadian jazz-pop prodigy from Hampstead, Quebec.

We listened to her remarkable album, Nikki, several times, before looking up background information on this young musical wonder. Listening to her music, we had no clue that she was so young.

We have not been a big jazz aficionado, until now. Nikki's voice and rhythm comes across with clarity, power and beauty. Wow, you owe it to yourself to buy the album Each track soars.

Nikki's Myspace page is confusing but has links to her music and concerts.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to know Nikki is a member of the "tribe."