Should we say kaddish for the New Yorker?

Should we say kaddish for the New Yorker? Yes, judging from the article the magazine published today about its new iPad edition, we should say kaddish -- the prayer for the dead -- for this 20th century publication.

Don't get me wrong. I think that the New Yorker is a literate, quality magazine. It just seems to us that they are so far out of touch with the real world of new media publications, that there is no hope they can survive without some real resuscitation.

Here is the lamest article about a new digital edition that we ever read -- and we join the loud chorus of others who seem to agree. And yikes, the notion that we pay $40 a year for the print magazine and now need to pay another $400 a year for the digital edition -- well that is about as outrageous as it gets!

"Beginning with this issue, that generalized instantaneousness has come: The New Yorker will be available on the Apple iPad, on Mondays, wherever you happen to be," we are told, without adding that each issue will cost you $5.

Download the app, if you dare after reading all the pans that it got. Apparently hundreds of commentators agree that this is sheer nonsense.

And then, in the lamest video of the decade, Jason Schwartzman demonstrates The New Yorker’s new app. 

I'm still upchucking at this attempt at humor.

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Shai said...

say it ain't so!