Times Questions for Deepak Chopra: Koran was written by Jews

Deborah Solomon interviewed Deepak Chopra in the Times

Imagining the Prophet Interview by DEBORAH SOLOMON The spiritual guru talks about his new novel about Muhammad....

Do you think it is possible that the Koran was actually written by Jews?
How come there are so many references to Moses and the prophets in the Koran? I would not be surprised if Jewish scribes inserted a lot of that.  ... more...
Talmudic reaction: All scholarship ought to begin with the rigorous analytical phrase, "I would not be surprised if..."

[Hat tip to Bernice]

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Richard said...

Great! I can see it now. Jews are going to be blamed for having "invented" Islam. And why not, they were also accused of having invented Christianity and Marxism in earlier centuries.

It is also possible, just a suggestion, that Islam plagiarized some of the old testament. New religions rarely occur in a vacuum.