Cablevision Optimum TV Anywhere in Your House on the iPad App

Newsday reports, "Cablevision Systems Corp. Saturday launched a service that allows subscribers to view 300 live digital cable channels on an iPad in the home. With the free Optimum App for iPad, the tablet device essentially can be used as another TV set."

It works on our iPad at home here in Teaneck.


Unknown said...

was hoping it would work outside the home, too, but no go :(

Anonymous said...

This is great for Cablevision, but once again they are still lagging behind the Industry leaders in terms of technology. Whereas Cablevision restricts so-called "TV Everywhere" to your own home, DISH Network's TV Everywhere works on dozens of devices, includes ALL subscribed channels, and is available ANYWHERE you have a cell signal or Wi-Fi!! I work for DISH and just got this technology, and absolutely LOVE the flexibility and range I have with my TV. Check it out at Dish.com/TVEverywhere and don't waste time with a sub-par product from Cablevision.