Times: Demille's Ten Commandments on a 6 DVD Gift Set

A perfect gift set from the Seder guest. From the Times, "When DeMille Parted the Red Sea":

CECIL B. DeMILLE would probably have approved of the concept behind Paramount Home Entertainment’s 55th anniversary gift set edition of “The Ten Commandments,” an appropriately colossal undertaking that includes three Blu-ray discs and three standard DVDs, a commemorative book, reproductions of the original program and assorted documents and costume sketches. It’s all packaged inside a dictionary-size box with a lenticular 3-D image of the Red Sea on the front; when the sea is “parted” on a built-in hinge, a plastic reproduction of DeMille’s sacred tablets rises majestically into view.

The tablets themselves split open to reveal the six discs, which contain both DeMille’s famous 1956 version of the story starring Charlton Heston and his 1923 silent feature with Richard Dix that was his first pass at the material. The discs are loaded with commentaries, newsreels, trailers and a new 75-minute documentary, “Making Miracles.”...more...

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