Times: Where to Buy Shabbos Flowers in Brooklyn

Amazing to us that we turn the pages of the paper and find this story in the Sunday Times. Where to buy your Shabbos flowers in Brooklyn - and a perfect shop for Seder guests to buy flowers from Paul Berger, "Where Every Bouquet Tells a Story."
ON Friday afternoons, the headquarters of the Chabad sect of Orthodox Judaism comes alive as men in black jackets and hats stream like worker bees in and out of the subterranean entrance on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. Those exiting scatter across Crown Heights to prepare for the Sabbath — Shabbos in Yiddish — many drawn a block east by the overpowering smell of lilies and the ebullient welcome of Chani Frankel to Mimulo, a flower shop on Albany Avenue.

“Shalom, rabbi! How are you?” she asked one customer on a recent Friday, greeting others with a “Happy Shabbos!” ...more...

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