Is that Pot Kosher for Passover?

Via Earth Times with a big smile. Passover pot is not a problem for Sephardic Jews. Is cannabis kosher for Passover for Ashkenazic Jews?
Is pot kitniyot? It's up to the rabbi

JERUSALEM (UPI) In Israel, rabbis are trying to determine if hemp and its cousin, marijuana, are on the list of legumes that some Jews must abstain from during Passover.

This year, the Green Leaf Party, which advocates legalization of marijuana, warned its members by e-mail that it may be considered kitniyot, or a legume. Observant Ashkenazi Jews abstain from kitniyot during the holiday.

Rabbi Daniel Ayin told the Jerusalem Post that the issue is whether hemp seeds -- and marijuana -- are considered edible. If they are edible, then Ashkenazi Jews should not eat them during Passover.

Ayin said that individual rabbis can make the decision for their congregations.

One couple, who for some reason did not want their last names used, told the Post they only realized that they might have a problem when a friend offered to buy their marijuana. Daniel and Sarah, both recent emigrants from Chicago, said he told them he was making the rounds of all his observant friends before the holiday.

To play it safe, the couple got rid of their stash -- not by selling it, which they decided would be inappropriate -- and gave the house an extra ritual cleaning.


Anonymous said...

I think this is somewhat incorrect. Even if hemp seed would be kitnyot, it would not affect whether (setting aside the legal question) one could smoke marijuana on Passover. Thee reason is, is that smoking would only be considered deriving benefit and not ingesting the kitnyot. There is no prohibition against deriving benefit from kitnyot on Passover

Roo said...

I'm also not clear why kitnityot (which aren't even d'rabbanan, as far as I can see) are totally forbidden on Pesach. Even the chamishah minei daggan, which are d'oraita, aren't totally forbidden on Pesach, otherwise how could we have matzah at the seder? Only chometz is forbidden, so if hemp seeds (or any kitniyot) haven't become chometz, why should they be off-limits on Pesach?

Tzvee Zahavy said...

It's a prohibition that has outlived its time and meaning.