The awful, evil, detestable, ironic act by bad Jews of photoshopping Angela Merkel out of the Paris march news photo

One of the worst articles that I ever read is, "Angela Merkel Got Erased — Don't We Have Better Things To Worry About?" by Tova Ross in the "Backward" magazine.

It is a carping complaint about the criticism levied against an Orthodox newspaper that cropped the women out of a news photo of the march against terrorism in Paris. One of those women was the Angela Merkel, the prime minister of Germany.

Here in bullet points is just a little bit of why I think Ross is all wrong.

  • The march was a watershed moment in world history where leaders joined arms to confront the evils of terrorism.
  • Merkel is a PM of Germany - marching on a street in Paris - to protest the slaughter of Jews. That is particularly noteworthy in light of European history and the Holocaust.
  • It is not the case that "merkel Got Erased." It is the case that very bad Orthodox Jews deliberately removed her image from the photo and then published it.
  • It does not matter what those bad Jews were thinking when they took Merkel out of the picture. It was an evil act. Publishing the doctored picture was an act of deception. The paper should know that. Just don't publish the photo at all if you don't want your readers to see her image.
  • There is no way I can accept this act as a religious quirk of Orthodox men who "believe" that it is "a sin" to look at a woman or a woman's picture.
  • It's not cute or quirky. It is evil to repress women in any way. It is not ignorant. It is evil. I condemn the action.
  • You can be critical of terrorism and also be critical of sexism, misogyny, discrimination and the denial of civil rights. In fact all of those bad things are on the same spectrum of evil. And the lesser evils can and do lead to the greater evils.

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