Are they your friends? Assessing Christian Zionists’ support of Israel

Are they your friends? New Jersey Jewish Standard Cover story.

‘It’s not our agenda’: An interview with Abraham Foxman New Jersey Jewish Standard, NJ - The Jewish Standard interviewed Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, about Christian Zionism. Jewish Standard: The Rev. ...

‘Christians are hearing the message’: An interview with David Brog ... New Jersey Jewish Standard [repost from 06]

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Anonymous said...

There is no one that can prove with support of scripture (Old and/or New Testament) that a State of Israel is ordained and required of God before the return of the Messiah.
There is supporting scripture (both Old and New Testament) that Israel will not exist again until the Messiah returns.
This means the secular Zionist-Gov that instigated the re-establishing State of Israel today are out of Gods will, but fulfilling Gods will, desolation will begin as the Bible tells us when the armies that had surrounded Jerusalem finally attack.
I am not a Christian that has been led astray today called Christian Zionist, I am a Christian that rebukes Zionist's and support true religious Jewish that rebuke the false Israel.
My scripture support will be found using websearch with keywords 'rtpricetag Israel'.