Meshuggenah Florida School Board to Hebrew Charter School: "Stop Teaching Hebrew" Say What?

Look you bipolar Hollywood School Board! You gave them a charter to teach Hebrew. Now you say don't dare do it. You are meshuggah! (Hat tip to M. Thanks.) NY Times--->

Hebrew Charter School Spurs Dispute in Florida

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Aug. 23 — The new public school at 2620 Hollywood Boulevard stands out despite its plain gray facade. Called the Ben Gamla Charter School, it is run by an Orthodox rabbi, serves kosher lunches and concentrates on teaching Hebrew.

About 400 students started classes at Ben Gamla this week amid caustic debate over whether a public school can teach Hebrew without touching Judaism and the unconstitutional side of the church-state divide. The conflict intensified Wednesday, when the Broward County School Board ordered Ben Gamla to suspend Hebrew lessons because its curriculum — the third proposed by the school — referred to a Web site that mentioned religion.

Opponents say that it is impossible to teach Hebrew — and aspects of Jewish culture — outside a religious context, and that Ben Gamla, billed as the nation’s first Hebrew-English charter school, violates one of its paramount legal and political boundaries. more...


Anonymous said...

of a bunch of noisy jews can take to the streets to scream and yell about an arab chjarter school in new york, then this story is also ok.

we reap what we sew, and sometimes we really are sew stupid.

Anonymous said...

From the article: "((Reform) Rabbi Allan Tuffs) added, “Once a Jewish school like Ben Gamla is established, you know that fundamentalist Christian groups throughout America will be lining up to replicate this model according to their religious tradition.”

And what, teach Latin?