JVO: The Teaneck Orthodox Picture Scandal

Everyone in this picture of local Orthodox pols eating together at a Kosher restaurant should have been cropped out. And the picture should never have been sent to the local penny saver newspaper.

But Michael Wildes, Mayor of Englewood, sent it to the Suburbanite with the "humorous" description that this picture was taken at a "Regional conference on municipal issues." It was published as submitted.

So now the women and blacks who represent Teaneck are asking, Who are we? Chopped liver?

Hello. Orthodox guys! Are you there? When you get elected to a public position, that means you have been entrusted with public funds and public responsibilities.

This is not a kiddush club in a shul where you act as obnoxious as you like and there is no accountability.

It's public service for a community! Hello. You are going to have to learn how to be less obnoxious and more accountable.

See the predictably unprofessional account (in pdf) of this mess by the Jewish Voice and Opinion.

Why do we care? Because by engaging in this "joking around" the Orthodox leaders who have been given a chance at public service are screwing it up!

For more on Teaneck see The Teaneck Progress Blog, "Voices for Coffee and Against Corruption."


esther said...

I linked to you on Teaneck Progress.

Anonymous said...

Wildes is the only one responsible for this nonsense. Unfortunately, he was unaware of the rampant anti-Semitism of a small group of elderly non-observant Jews who frequent Teaneck Council meetings to hector the Council. You are totally wrong in your criticism.