The Delusional Triangle: Hamas, Carter and Rice

Delusion 1: Carter accuses Israel of apartheid, then goes to make peace between Israel and Hamas.

Delusion 2: Hamas won't ever recognize the Jewish State.

Delusion 3: After his failure, Secretary Rice disavows all knowledge of Carter's actions.
Rice says Carter was warned against meeting with Hamas
KUWAIT CITY - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday the Bush administration explicitly warned former President Jimmy Carter against meeting with members of Hamas, the Palestinian faction that controls the Gaza Strip and which is regarded by the U.S. as a terror group.

Rice, attending a regional meeting on Iraq's security and future, contradicted Carter's assertions that he never got a clear signal from the State Department. Rice told reporters that the U.S. thought the visit could confuse the message that the U.S. will not deal with Hamas.

"I just don't want there to be any confusion," Rice said. "The United States is not going to deal with Hamas and we had certainly told President Carter that we did not think meeting with Hamas was going to help" further a political settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Carter said top Hamas leaders told him during seven hours of talks in Damascus over the weekend that they are willing to live next to Israel, but a top Hamas official said the group would never outright recognize the Jewish state...

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Anonymous said...

"Delusion 3: After his failure, Secretary Rice disavows all knowledge of Carter's actions."

I believe you've misstated Rice's delusion. She knew of Carter's ACTIONS, but she disavows warning him.