Hillary: Please Stay Home and Bake Cookies

Gotcha politics is the style of the wingnut Republicans. Hillary, please come back to your roots. Or better yet, stay home and bake cookies. Gotcha.

From Barack's camp...Subject: Gotcha

Tzvee --

Make a matching donationDid you see the debate last night?

If you did, you saw more gotcha politics and distractions than questions about the pressing issues affecting our country.

In fact, it took more than 45 minutes before Barack was asked about the economy, health care, or foreign policy.

Regrettably, Senator Clinton seemed all too comfortable with that type of debate. She's running a 100% negative campaign in Pennsylvania, taking every opportunity to make personal and discredited attacks against Senator Obama.

You can send a message that politics doesn't have to be played this way.

You've gotten us this far, and I thank you for your support. But now is the time to reach out and bring more people to the cause.

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Senator Clinton's false, negative attacks are exactly the kind of say-anything, do-anything politics that the American people are tired of.

That's why polls show that the majority of Americans think she's running the most negative campaign, and 58% of voters do not find her honest or trustworthy.

Barack Obama wants to end the politics of division and distraction in Washington so we can bring about real change for ordinary Americans.

The stakes are too high to play the same old games. More than 1.3 million supporters have responded to Barack's message of change, and with your help we can reach 1.5 million by May 6th.

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David Plouffe
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Obama for America


Anonymous said...

How is telling HRC to stay home and bake cookies not chavinistic?
Can you imagine if someone dare to write something awful like "hey barack go pick some cotton" ?
It owuld be an outrage. But no one - no one batted an eyelash when some disgusting heckler screamed at hillary "go iron my shirt" and the video is all over the internet.
racism. chavinism, bias works all ways.

You tzvee, lose your crediblity as a person capable of dialouge, much less as a rabbi and professor/educator when you stoop to a level of petty illegitimate attacks.

Whats good the obama, is good for the hillary. quit the double standard.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Hey, this was a witty allusion to Hillary's 1992 comment that she is not going to stay home and bake cookies... sending her own chauvinism and bias back at her.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

HRC: "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life."

* Response to reporter's questions (16 March 1992), reported on "Making Hillary an Issue" Nightline (26 March 1992). Quoted in Boston Globe.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, this was a witty allusion to Hillary's 1992 comment that she is not going to stay home and bake cookies... sending her own chauvinism and bias back at her."

I agree with you.
Just that Obama did some of his own "gotcha", too.

Anonymous said...

too bad obama is such a naiive inexperienced cocky little pisher and you can't use 20 year old interview quotes.