JTA: New Film on Catholic Anti-Semitism Opens Today

JTA: Film on Catholic anti-Semitism coincides with pope's U.S. visit

Author James Carroll traces the history of Catholic anti-Semitism in the new film "Constantine's Sword."
By Ben Harris Published: 04/15/2008

NEW YORK (JTA) -- If the producers of "Constantine's Sword" were looking to send a message about the implications of their film for Catholic-Jewish relations, they scarcely could have chosen a more appropriate theatrical release date.

On Friday, April 18, within hours of the film's first New York screening, Pope Benedict XVI will make a historic visit to an American synagogue -- a gesture of goodwill observers say is intended to smooth over feelings unsettled by the pope's recent revival of a prayer for Jewish conversion.

The documentary, which traces the violent history of Church-sanctioned anti-Semitism, is a powerful reminder of why many Jewish leaders regard the prayer not as the Vatican has tried to spin it -- as an inconsequential matter of internal Church politics -- but as a dangerous step back from decades of Jewish-Catholic rapprochement....more


John D. Enright said...

I read the book by Carroll a couple of years ago. It really doesn't add any new information. It does show, however, how Christian doctrines can be distorted to justify intolerance not only of the Jews but other faiths as well. Sad, evil chapters in the life of the Church. Hope they're over for good.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Tzvee would say, "I wish some of Christian doctrines WERE distorted; the Jews would be better off."