Hagee Excommunicated by Reform While Being Crowned by Israelis

Can you say "Out of touch with reality?" That's what you have to say about the Rabbi Yoffie declaration about Reverend Hagee. Even the snarky wingnut bloggers are crowing, Rabbi Yoffie Excommunicates Pastor Hagee.

Rabbis sure have been solidifying their positions as poor politicians this season. Yoffie proves that it is not only the Orthodox one's who have no clue about political influence.

So here's what Hagee has been doing in Israel:
U.S. evangelist pledges $6 million in contributions to Israel
By The Associated Press

American evangelist John Hagee on Sunday announced donations of $6 million to a number of Israeli causes and declared that Israel must remain in control of all of Jerusalem...
We don't agree with all of his views or choices. But overall we salute Rev. Hagee - a true friend of Israel!


Keli Ata said...

I disagree entirely with Rabbi Yoffie in his anti-Israel stance. Nevertheless, I am also against Hagee and his group CUFI.

Not because Hagee pretends to be pro-Israel. These Christian Zionists want nothing more than a Christian Zion, a Christian Israel.

Trust me, Israel will pay a heavy cost for that six million dollars.

(BTW: I love your comment label--polite comments).

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Thanks for your contribution....

Anonymous said...

Even Christians are embarrassed by Pastor Hagee because of his money scandal. For info, google search "PETITION FOR PASTOR HAGEE TO REPENT" He is taking out over $1 million annually from his TV and church ministries for personal gain; as documented in public tax returns.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

That remuneration is par for the course in Hagee's line of work. The president of Yeshiva University takes out over $620,000. And he is not even a minister or rabbi.