Livni to Olmert: No No Coalition with Netanyahu

Arutz Sheva tells the story of the "note" that Livni passed to Olmert while on TV in front of open microphones saying,
“I have no intention of being in a unity [government] headed by Bibi, and do not hint in that direction,” Livni scribbled hurriedly. “What you are saying leads there and this is not Kadima’s position,” she wrote, underlining the word ‘not.’
The story of the note's publication is a bit hazy.
The note which Livni then passed was visible on the TV screen but its content is not clear from the video and seems to have reached Channel 2 in a different way. Channel 2’s Internet news website states that the contents of the note “reached” it but does not say how.
Right wing Arutz Sheva's wishful thinking spin is that this paves, "the way for the formation of a coalition based only on Likud and parties to its political right."

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