Pope Benedict on Bishop Williamson: "I screwed up"

You didn't really think that the Pope said, "I screwed up" did you?

Just think a minute about this past day or so.

It has brought to us a pretty stark contrast between a Western democratic political leader like Barack Obama and a traditional religious leader like the Pope.

Obama admitted that he erred when he selected tax-problem-riddled Tom Daschle for his cabinet. He is the one who said, "I screwed up."

Benedict can't get the utterance of confessing his error out of his throat. After days of denial he allegedly let his spokesmen backpedal on his behalf.

News sources are saying that Benedict is now retreating and insisting that Williamson recant his Holocaust denial in order to be rehabilitated.

We are skeptical. We think this is a mere rhetorical flourish to throw some water on the flames of this controversy.

And now the ball is back in Bishop Williamson's court. Will he recant his Holocaust denials or won't he?

My money says he won't. In fact my money says that Williamson will say something uber stupid like, "Look at how these Jews are crucifying me!"
Here is the video of this evil man saying, "There were no gas chambers."
To me this antisemite looks like the devil incarnate.

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